Hewitts Guarantees

3 Great Reasons to Shop at Hewitts

  1. Lifetime Nursery Guarantee- If it dies, we replace it FREE. Be it 2 years or 20!!
  2. Price Match Guarantee - We will match any competitors pricing on identical items!
  3. Hewitt's Garden Club Card - We have given away over $1,000,000. Did you get yours??

Hewitt's Lifetime Nursery Guarantee

All shrubs and trees are guaranteed to live for the purchaser's lifetime. At Hewitt's we strive to bring only the best quality, acclimated stock to you. If any shrub or tree dies, return it, along with the register receipt, to the location of purchase and we will cheerfully replace it. If replacement is not possible your purchase price will be refunded. Due to the changing nature of winters in the northeast, this guarantee does not apply to rose bushes. CLEARANCE SALE purchases are not guaranteed.

NURSERY STOCK RETURNS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED WITH YOUR GREEN GUARANTEE SLIP AND ORIGINAL SALE SLIP. REPLACEMENT TREES AND SHRUBS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. Unfortunately, many people get a replacement shrub and do the exact same thing they did with the first shrub without trying to figure out why it did not survive. For this reason, we can only offer one replacement of each plant covered by this lifetime nursery guarantee.

Almost all of the time, the problem is not with the tree or shrub but with the placement or care. Be sure that they plant is getting the correct amount of sun and water. If it is a plant that cannot handle harsh conditions, make sure it is protected and not on the North side of the house. Be sure to plant it to the correct depth and give it plenty of water so that it can get a well established root system.

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